The Nativity

Christmas decorations and festivities are in full swing at our house. The tree is now up and although I did finally have to relent and remove the Diamondbacks hat from the top of the Christmas tree, it was still beginning to look an awful lot like Christmas. Each year we begin by decorating the interior of the house followed by the Christmas tree. We then move to the outside adding lights within reason to the house and landscape. The final touch is the placement of the nativity set. The nativity set was hand made by Trina and has extreme sentimental value. It is also one of the most beautiful sets I have seen. The nativity has a special place atop the oak book case in our living room. Once it is set up, we gather the children around and tell the story of the nativity and the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a family tradition that has become very important to us. You would think that something that beautiful and meaningful would be off limits to my warped sense of reality but you would be wrong in that assessment.

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