It is ten days until Christmas meaning there are nine more shopping days remaining. For most men that is eight more days than we really need but you never admit that to your wife. Instead you try and convince them that you are shopping nightly scouring the stores for the perfect gift that comes from the heart. That’s the case not just with gifts but also with cards. Trina will go to the Hallmark store several times and spend hours reading through the messages of the cards to find the perfect one to send for an occasion. Me on the other hand, I will go to the grocery store and remember that I probably should have a card before I get home with a gift. I’ll go to the card section carefully making sure that I am in the right area for the event (never give your wife a get well soon card for her birthday, it would be bad) and then I will select a card based on which one is leaning closer to me from the rack. Most times I get lucky and the card has some sort of meaningful message inside. I probably should feel guilty about this lack of interest in cards but I don’t. As the kids have grown, they have helped pull me out of many gift giving predicaments. They somehow have learned that mom doesn’t get nearly as excited as dad if the gift comes neatly wrapped in a Diamondbacks Team Shop gift bag. Mom won’t appreciate the hard work dad goes to finding the perfect jersey in her size. So the kids basically “accessorize” my gifts by making sure they have a more appropriate gift to go along with mine. At first it bothered me that my gifts were under appreciated but after realizing how much smoother my life had become I’ve accepted the help.

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