Shortly after Thanksgiving we begin to decorate for the holidays. This has been a tradition ever since I was a young boy. My grandfather made a big deal about Christmas and his house was always the one that people stopped in front of to admire the lights and decorations. When he got to the point where he could no longer decorate, I went over each year and placed the decorations up for him. It became a service project I looked forward to each season. When he passed I inherited his outdoor decorations and I have diligently set them out each year in his memory. It is always fun to retrieve the decorations from storage and remember all of the times we spent together. It is exciting to place each strand of lights around brightening the dark winter evenings. The kids are always on their best behavior and in great moods to help since the hanging of the decorations signifies the beginning of the Christmas season. Soon though the holiday arrives and afterwards there becomes the task of taking down all of the brightly colored decorations.

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