A Suggested New Years Eve Celebration Change

New Years Eve has always been an interesting event. I always have wondered what it was within the psyche of the human race to find it necessary to count down to an event especially when that event is the turning of a page to a calendar. Who came up with the idea that there should be a celebration when a calendar is used up and a new one begins? How did it evolve into something that included strange cardboard hats, drinks laced with large amounts of alcohol, strange little noise making devices, and the throwing of shredded colorful paper? I am not anti New Years Eve; I just have to wonder why it gets celebrated over some of the more important events? Why isn’t there an Opening Day Eve celebration?

Opening Day is much larger than New Years Day. First there is no baseball on New Years so it really can’t be that big. Second, it is in the middle of the winter so it is stinking cold to stand outside and celebrate. And if you look at the whole Times Square thing, it is just begging to be associated with baseball. Everyone stands around waiting for a giant ball to slowly fall just over the wall then cheer wildly. Doesn’t that sound just like what happens when someone hits a home run? I propose that we eliminate the whole calendar turning thing and postpone this celebration until the night before baseball season opens. Most of us already have better hats than those cheesy cardboard things. I have been to a lot of games where fans bring much better noise makers like those thunder sticks they passed out in Anaheim a few years back when the Angels beat the Giants so those are definitely a step up from the twirling metal things you get on New Years Eve. And anyone who has ever been to an Opening Day can tell you there are fireworks and pageantry at the game which beats shredded paper any day of the week. The weather would be better since it is a lot warmer in April than it is in January so we should get a better turn out. And let’s not forget about the bunting. Every stadium in America has bunting that they bring out for special occasions like Opening Day. When was the last time you saw someone hanging bunting for New Years Eve? There would be less drunk drivers on the road since alcohol sales would be capped at the seventh inning so it would be safer as we all try to get home after the celebration. I can see absolutely no downside to this suggestion. Now all we need is a catchy phrase and a web-based petition to get this thing moving in the right direction.

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