How Not to Spend a Holiday

Christmas Eve is a wondrous day filled with lots of family tradition around our house. It is a time when we gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and enjoy each other’s company. It typically involves several activities that have been repeated throughout our years as a family. Some of the traditions seem relatively normal and sane such as watching a movie together as a family after dinner and having the children lay out their Christmas stockings for Santa to fill before retiring to bed. Then there are other traditions which none of us remember how they started but are nonetheless a part of our holiday celebration. This includes the dinner menu that is served consisting of a steak fondue followed later in the evening with a chocolate fondue (the kids favorite). There is also the tradition of setting out cookies and milk for Santa which is fairly normal and throwing raw oatmeal on the grass to feed the reindeer which seems very odd and random. All of these things together make up the day before Christmas. What we had not planned and what I hope doesn’t become traditional was how I spent the day.

A week ago I began to feel the affects of a cold coming on after a trip to San Francisco. The cold soon found its way from my head down into my chest and by today I was feeling pretty lousy. Trina had seen this before and with her vast years of medical experience being a mom she had determined that I had bronchitis bordering on pneumonia. She insisted that instead of our normal routine we needed to make a trip to Urgent Care for me to see a doctor. Getting me to a doctor is about as improbably as getting me to cheer for the Yankees. It is just not going to happen without a fight. So Trina did what she had to do in order to get me into the car, she lied. She told me we needed to do some last minute Christmas shopping and it may involve Sedona Red so I should probably go with her to make sure she got the right size. I could only imagine that I might be getting a new 7 1/8 home hat or maybe even a new embroidered sweatshirt so I rushed to the car. Since I wasn’t feeling well she drove. When we started going the opposite way from the mall I should have caught a clue but I was feeling so poorly I didn’t even notice until we pulled into the emergency room parking lot. By that time I was had and felt I had little choice but to go in and see the doctor. When we entered the door we were greeted by a nurse who handed us masks to wear. The entire waiting room had them on and it looked like some sort of tryout for Jesse James Hole in the Wall gang. We sat in the waiting room for a good two hours waiting to be called back to see the doctor. I made it a point to let Trina know that I knew she lied to me. She kept insisting that was not the case but looking around I didn’t see any Sedona Red. I happened to make that comment as we walked back with the nurse and soon regretted that statement. They needed a blood sample and as the nurse was filling the vile from my arm Trina commented, “Well it seems that you bleed Sedona Red.” I always thought that was just a figure of speech but I guess not.

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    I have not seemed to be able to get over this cold and bronchitis that I have had for the past week or two. After a day at urgent care followed by practicing “better living through chemistry”, I had hoped…

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