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When new Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall took over for Rich Dozer, he implemented a program where he would speak to the fans on a monthly basis to allow them to ask questions to the Diamondbacks management team. Last month he brought newly hired announcer Daron Sutton and provided fans with an opportunity to get to know the new play-by-play voice of the team. This month Mr. Hall broadcast from the winter meetings in Orlando Florida.

I always like to take any opportunity I can get to talk to the Diamondbacks so I am nearly always in attendance. Just prior to the beginning of the chat session it is opened up to allow the fans to submit questions. The team will then select a set of questions representing things the fans are interested in. I like to go in with 10-15 questions and then give them an opportunity to select which ones are most appropriate. Since the questions are directed to the president of the Diamondbacks I always attempt to focus my questions on the business side of the team rather than player development. Not that the president of the team doesn’t know about the players, it is just not his area of expertise. If the speaker were General Manager Josh Byrnes, then player moves and signings would be more appropriate. This month I tried to focus my questions on what kinds of business objectives the Diamondbacks hoped to achieve at the Winter Meetings. My entire working career has been focused on business and technology but never with the sports industry. I’m therefore curious to hear about the decisions the Diamondbacks make from a business prospective to provide a better product to the fans. As a loyal consumer I have a vested interest since many of the decisions they make will affect me for 83 games over a 6 month period. So far I have been impressed no only with the decisions being made on the business side but also with their openness with the fans. If only all businesses were this open in their communications with their customers. Now if I can just talk them into introducing the Diamondbacks Classic line of apparel that features the tried and true purple and turquoise. At least then I won’t have to replace all of my wardrobe.

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