Lighting My Way to Fantasy Camp

Every year I vow that I will cut back on the amount of Christmas decorations that we have, especially when it comes to outside lights. And every year I find myself at Home Depot buying more lights and decorations. This year I justified it by saying that I was actually being rewarded with Diamondbacks MVP Rewards points for decorating my house. Looking on line I am not seeing any of the purchases show up so I am beginning to think that is not an accurate statement. Nonetheless, if I can tie Christmas decorating to getting points towards going to Diamondbacks fantasy camp I am going to do it. Trina is not exactly thrilled since she is more practical than I am, she has actually calculated out what it would take for me to accumulate enough points to go to Fantasy Camp.

According to the Diamondbacks web site, I can get free admission to Fantasy Camp when I have collected 500,000 points. From their on-line merchant mall I found Home Depot listed that I would receive 2 points for every dollar that I spend. That means I would need to spend $250,000 to have enough points. I plan to use the GE contractor Christmas lights which the local store is selling for $11 per strand. Since I already have 8,000 points in my MVP Rewards account I figure I would be ok if I purchase 22,634 strands of lights. That seems about right. This is about the point where Trina stepped in to put a stop to my planning. She explained that each strand of Christmas lights had 300 lights so that would mean that I was planning to add 6,790,200 to our house. The strands were also 25 feet long so I would be looking at running 565,850 feet of lights which happens to be a little over 107 miles worth of lights. That is enough lights that I could go from Chase Field to Tucson Electric Park. Not to mention the fact that the last time she looked at our checking account we didn’t have $250,000 that we could dedicate to Christmas lights. Hmm, a string of lights from Chase Field to Tucson Electric Park, I like the sounds of that. That’s about the last thing I remember. Based on Trina’s response I am guessing I need to find another way to collect enough points for Fantasy Camp.

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