Oh No, Not Again

No matter how hard I try I cannot will the calendar to slow down let alone stop. Oh sure I am eagerly counting down the next 120 days 8 hours and 6 minutes until Opening Day at Coors Field but in the mean time I have to deal with the fact that the holiday season is upon us and I have 4 kids that are hounding me every day to decorate the house, put up the Christmas Tree, go shopping, and whatever else goes along with this time of year. This year is especially depressing as most of my Christmas decorations were themed in purple and turquoise. This is reason number 36 of why I am not happy with the change to Sedona Red. I had resolved not to let my frustrations with the team’s color change damper my holiday spirits so I’ll just let it go, for now.

We started the day by digging out all of the decorations boxes. I still find it incomprehensible that half of our garage storage is taken up by decorations for the house for Christmas. I guess that should be expected given that we seem to add to the decorations each year and we’ve been married 25 years (it just seems longer than that). So after pulling out all of the decoration boxes we began to lay out all of the items to form a battle plan to try and bring our house into the holiday season. Last year we bought a new Christmas tree that was pre-lit with over 2,000 miniature lights adorning the 9 foot fake evergreen. When I bought it I thought it would be like an umbrella that you would stick in the stand, fold out and plug in. It wasn’t quite that easy but still a lot easier than the normal 3 days of wrapping every branch with lights. The lights were clear white but as I started looking at it I wondered if perhaps we should at least change out half the lights for red since that is the new color of Christmas. Tinsel was next on the list. I pulled out the 120 feet of tinsel only to realize that it was gold with purple. That would just not do so I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart for replacement tinsel. It took much longer than I anticipated though. No one makes Sedona Red tinsel and the guy in the lawn and garden center cringed when I asked if he had something in black or Sonoran Dust. What kind of holiday is this if you can’t find Sedona Red, Black, or Sonoran Dust tinsel? I ended up settling for silver since it is from the black family. I rushed home where the family was waiting for my return. They didn’t seem to be as distraught as I was about the lack of Sedona Red Christmas decorations. The Tinsel was hung then came the time to bring out the boxes of ornaments we have accumulated. Before long the kids had ornaments hung from what seemed like every branch. The final touch was the angel for the top of the tree. When I retrieved it from the box we found it was broken. Trina and the kids were devastated. I am still trying to understand how they could be upset about the angel yet not seem to care that our tree did not have any Sedona Red, black, or Sonoran Dust decorations. I made a quick note to speak to them about their messed up priorities. I hate seeing my family upset so I made a determination to solve the issue quickly so that the holiday cheer would return. I rushed upstairs and as I entered our bedroom, a solution was staring me right in the face. I grabbed it and ran back downstairs. I sent the family out of the room as I wanted to surprise them with my solution to our tree topper problem. When they had left, I climbed the ladder and gently placed the sacred topper on the tree. I climbed down off the ladder and gazed at the completed tree. Looking up and seeing my work brought a tear to my eye. I called the family into the living room to pronounce the tree decorating as complete. The kids entered the room and stopped dead in their tracks. The look of amazement and astonishment was precious. Trina came around the corner and she too stopped. It must be right because I thought I saw a tear run down her cheek too. There on the top of our lit tree sat a Sedona Red Arizona Diamondbacks hat in size 7 1/8 with the black snake logo staring down at my family. It was the perfect beginning of the holiday season.

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