Santa Has Been Berry, Berry Good to Me

Ah Christmas morning, nothing brings back memories quite like that. After a night that never seems to end, daylight finally starts to break and the first rays of sunlight pierce through the stillness bringing anticipation and hope everywhere. It is those first moments when sleep is the farthest thing from your mind and you lay there in the warm and toasty bed listening to the quiet and wondering what joyful bounty Santa Claus has left under the Christmas tree. You are also intently listening for a sound from anyone else in the family since you don’t want to seem overly eager and you are just hoping that your brother or sister is likewise in bed waiting for someone else to make the first sound thereby signaling that it is time to get up and begin the gift unwrapping festivities. In what could be described as cruel and unusual punishment in many countries, Trina has decreed that no one is getting up before 8:30 AM and that alarm clocks have been banished for a 48 hour period of time. She of course used me as the scapegoat stating that I needed to rest by doctor’s orders. She obviously underestimated how many kids were in the house and who would be most excited for Christmas morning.

I was awake by six o’clock but I knew better than to be the first one to make a sound. That would not only release the wrath of Trina but may very well end up in me losing a present unwrapping turn. This close to Christmas, you could never be too careful. So I laid there waiting. I’m sure that Dakota and Whitney were likewise also intently listening hoping someone would break the silence. Instead the clock slowly moved forward until finally it reached 8:30. Then in an instant it seemed that everyone in the house was awake and rushing to the landing at the top of the stairs to peer down in the living room where it was obvious that Santa had not forgotten us. In a family consisting of five children and two adults, Christmas gift unwrapping becomes an all-day event. In our house the kids open their gifts from Santa and go through their stockings before breakfast. There is then a seventh-present stretch where all unwrapping stops until after we have eaten. We then return to open the presents under the tree. For some unexplainable reason, our kids go for the stocking first before any presents are touched. I’ve never heard of such a thing before and have no idea how or why this started but for as long as I can remember that is the way it has been in our family.

There seemed to be more presents this year than I can ever imagine and it took forever for everything to be unwrapped. Finally though, the last shred of wrapping paper gently floated like a fall leaf from a tree to come to rest on the floor signifying the final present has been undone. Obviously my subtle hints to the family paid off as I was rewarded with several Diamondbacks themed gifts. There was of course my jersey minus the letter “e” and the dress shirt in a perfect match to Sedona Red. But I was surprised to find a pair of Nike Plus shoes to replace my old running shoes and the swoosh was close to Sedona Red. There was also a new authentic hat in black and one in Sedona Red making a set just waiting for the perfect curve of the brim before Opening Day. There was also a book on the Diamondbacks 2001 season that I saw at the bookstore and there was even a stress ball shaped like a baseball for the desk in my office. In all it was a very Diamondbacks holiday which made it perfect. All that was lacking were Fantasy Camp tickets and seat relocation confirmations but I didn’t expect those and therefore was not disappointed. Clearly my family did well this Christmas and it was even more special having them all here to share this wonderful day.

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