Shopping Madness

While technically this is not the last weekend before Christmas, it does represent the last big shopping extravaganza for me. While I don’t mind going shopping with Trina, it is not one of my favorite activities. Let me clarify the above statement, I don’t mind going shopping with Trina as long as it does not include fabric stores. There is nothing more painful than having to endure even 5 minutes of looking at fabric with accompanying thread, zippers, and notions. I would rather have season tickets to the Kansas City Royals or sit behind two fans from New York than have to deal with a fabric store. There is just so much pain that a guy can endure. I figured that today I would have very little choice in the matter as my presence was required if for no other reason than to carry bags to the car or nod my head in approval for whatever item Trina happened to be trying on or contemplating buying. For Trina, this was more like babysitting since she controlled where we were shopping she could ensure that not all of her Christmas gifts would come from the Chase Field team shop.

The stores were packed with frantic people trying desperately to complete their gift buying so that they did not have to deal with the mindless masses that wander the aisles looking lost. I didn’t mind going along, I kept myself entertained by thinking of baseball and trying to envision what other player moves the Diamondbacks might be considering. There is of course a limit to the number of stores I can deal with and today that number seemed to be 5. The first 4 went ok but then we ended up at JC Penny. I’m usually ok with this store but today was not one of those times. It started off that we got there at 4 PM and Trina immediately began filling my arms and subsequently a basket with clothes that she and the girls just could not live without. I figured it was the easiest way to get my shopping done so I just went along for the ride. While Trina was in the dressing room with the fourteenth pair of pants, I wandered over to the men’s section to see what Diamondbacks gear they had. The racks were filled with Arizona Cardinals shirts, Phoenix Suns jerseys, and an assortment of Phoenix Coyotes apparel but nothing with the Diamondbacks logo. When I say nothing, I don’t mean anything that I don’t own and I don’t mean any Sedona Red items. I mean there was not a single piece of Diamondbacks gear anywhere in the store. I could not believe there were no Diamondbacks items. How am I supposed to support a store when they can’t support the team? This is totally messed up. As far as I was concerned, this shopping spree was over. Trina tended to disagree and felt I was unreasonable eliminating JC Penny as a potential merchant based upon their lack of Arizona Diamondbacks merchandise. In the end we compromised. For every item purchased at JC Penny, I would be allowed an item from the Diamondbacks Team Shop. It was not a perfect solution but in the end the Diamondbacks would come out a winner.

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