Spaces Are Limited

For nearly an entire year I have lived with the disappointment of knowing that I missed the first fantasy camp that the Arizona Diamondbacks ever held. While a few lucky fans went to Tucson to live life like a big league ball player, I was at home filling my system full of pain medication preparing for a third shoulder surgery. I vowed that I would one day be healthy enough so that when the opportunity arose again to attend a Diamondbacks fantasy camp I would be there. I cannot think of anything more rewarding than suiting up with fellow fans and having major league baseball coaches and players provide instruction in how the game should be played. This is something that every young boy dreams about and I wanted to live that dream.

Today the Arizona Diamondbacks posted on their web site that there were just a few remaining spots available for the 2007 fantasy camp. The attendees would be the first players to wear the new Sedona Red uniforms during their week-long camp featuring such Diamondbacks dignitaries as Mark Grace, Matt Williams, Matt Mantei, and Mike Fetters. The addition of Matt Mantei is of special interest in our house as my daughter Tiffany became good friends with Mantei during his stay with the Diamondbacks from 1999 through 2004. She would like nothing better than to have her father in camp with the Diamondbacks and her baseball hero. Instead, I find myself once again standing outside the candy store looking through the window wishing I were there. My shoulder has not healed properly making it nearly impossible for me to throw well (Trina would argue that I cannot throw at all). So although I have added Diamondbacks Fantasy Camp to the top of my Christmas wish list, I am afraid that Santa won’t find room in his sleigh or his bag of gifts to bring me what I so badly want.

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