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This week I have been traveling in San Francisco. For the most part I have been stuck in meetings all day meaning I have seen very little of the city. I seem to be going to San Francisco more frequently but my trips never seem to come at a time where the Diamondbacks are playing the Giants. I desperately want to see a game at Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T Park so this lack of planning has been very frustrating to me. I also seem to always be in San Francisco whenever there is fog. I have not determined whether it is always foggy in the bay area or just during times when I am here. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of year it is, it is always foggy. Being from Arizona, I am not accustomed to packing where temperatures are below 50 or where there is rain. For days before my trip I am running around the house looking for jackets, sweatshirts, or anything to keep me warm and dry. Luckily I have Diamondbacks sweatshirts, hats, and jackets so even during inclement weather I can still support the team. This is important as I am always acting as baseball evangelist for the Diamondbacks. It’s amazing the conversations that start up when you are wearing team apparel, especially when traveling to a National League Western Division town.

This trip in particular has been interesting. When I got off the plane I immediately put on my sweatshirt and Diamondbacks wind breaker. I waited for a cab and as the one approached I noticed he was wearing a New York Yankees hat. I knew this would be a long ride and I was correct. We spent the time from the San Francisco airport to the downtown Hilton talking about the 2001 season and what a classic World Series it was between the Yankees and the Diamondbacks. As I arrived at the hotel we just completed our discussion on how the Yankees should have pitched the Diamondbacks in the ninth inning of game 7. As I stood in line to check in at the Hilton, the gentleman in front of me was from Chicago and we talked about the White Sox sharing spring training facilities with the Diamondbacks in Tucson and how each team has changed this off season. We also discussed Diamondbacks center fielder Chris Young and what great potential he had. At the front desk I met a Giants fan and we talked about the rivalry between the Diamondbacks and Giants and what the chances were of Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s record and who would give up the pitch. Walking to the elevator I began thinking how baseball is the common link to everything. It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t know about baseball or follow a team even briefly. It is amazing the impact this game has on society and people as a whole. Baseball is the perfect conversation opener and one that can lead to many interesting stories and people. That’s why I wear my Diamondbacks gear because without it I would miss out on so many great stories and interesting people.

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