“The Card”

As a season ticket holder for the Arizona Diamondbacks there is a hidden benefit that is often overlooked but one that I truly appreciate. Each year during the holiday season, the team will send out a greeting card wishing the fans a safe and joyous season. It is the only card that I get excited to receive. It is somehow comforting to know that the team remembers you during this wonderful and festive season. I eagerly run to the mailbox each day hoping to see the envelope with the Diamondbacks return address waiting to be opened and enjoyed. Today I rushed down to check the mail meeting the mailman at the box. His look of fear and terror is getting to be all to familiar and he immediately gets defensive whenever I see him filling the mailbox.

He once again let me know that the seat relocation form results were not scheduled to be completed before the end of the year and that I should just relax. I tried telling him that seat relocation was just a part of it but that there were other pieces of mail from the Diamondbacks that were just as important. Well maybe not just as important but at least they were exciting enough that I would take anything with a return address that approximated Chase Field. Today I was in luck; there was an envelope with a Sedona Red return address and an “A” logo adorning the back cover. I nearly did a cartwheel from the excitement and rushed back to the house yelling, “It’s Here! It’s Here!” along the way. Trina and the kids ran into the living room as I came running. Trina mistakenly assumed that it meant we received a Christmas card or letter from family. Well we did get one of those but I hadn’t noticed and probably would not have if she didn’t remind me that we got other mail too. I was too consumed with the card from the Diamondbacks. I slowly opened the envelope and removed the card. It was the most beautiful card I had seen this year. Featured on the front was a young boy opening a gift bag containing a new white home jersey with Sedona Red d’backs embroidered across the front. The look of joy on that boy’s face nearly brought a tear to my eye. He had to be the luckiest boy in the world. Inside the message stated that the team hoped we would receive all that we wanted during this holiday season. The message and card brought the true meaning of Christmas to me and it made me want to break out in holiday song. None of the other members of my family were this excited and most definitely did not think that “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” constituted a holiday song.

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