The Christmas Newsletter

Like countless other families we send out Christmas cards each year. Trina makes each of us autograph every card so that the recipient knows all of the family had a hand in this tradition. Trina makes sure that the cards each contain a recent family picture. I guess this is to remind everyone who these weird people are that send cards every year that have 6 autographs in it. The picture is always a source of contention in our house. I always argue that our family picture should be in front of Chase Field with a sign that says, “Safe at Home for the Holidays”. Since we spend about as much time there as we do at our Chandler residence I thought that seemed appropriate. Each year Trina puts her foot down arguing that unless we change our names to the Diamondbacks family that is not going to happen. This usually leads to another discussion about what would happen if we DID change our names to the Diamondbacks family. The end result is always the same. Trina mutters under her breath and goes to the medicine cabinet for the bottle of aspirin.

Other than standing in for the photo and signing the cards I have one other duty. It is my job to write the family newsletter. I often wonder whether Trina was feeling extremely brave or extremely foolish to put me in charge of this communication. She wasn’t completely foolish as she did demand complete editorial control over the content meaning she could demand a rewrite of any section she did not like. What this means is that the first pass is the way I wanted to have the newsletter sound and the final pass is some sort of compromise. Since 1998 we have had to come to some sort of agreement that the family newsletter cannot be a recount of the Diamondbacks season. I am allowed to reference the team if it pertains to family events and only during the months of March through October except for years when the World Series includes the Diamondbacks in November (this amendment was ratified in 2001). So that means that I have to be a little creative to weave as much family history and accomplishments into the ballpark as I can reasonably get away with if I hope to keep that content in the final draft of the newsletter. It’s a challenge but one I gladly accept. If I have to write it, at least let me write it about something I love like my family and the Diamondbacks.

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