The Shrine

Shortly after my third shoulder surgery at the end of January 2006, Trina had an idea that the house needed a little help. We’ve lived in this house now for 12 years and it still had the stark white walls from the day we moved in. So while I was full of pain pills recovering from yet another labrum surgery on my pitching arm, she scheduled us to refinance the house and included enough money to repaint and refurnish the house. Usually I would have balked at the idea but given my drug induced state I just went along for the ride. In the end she got exactly what she wanted but not without some compromises. First she promised I would be able to continue to get season tickets to the Diamondbacks and second I got final say in decorating the family room. This just goes to show that even in a fog of pain pills I was capable of negotiating at least some baseball into the equation. So much for the warning labels on the pain pills that said I should not make important decisions or operate heavy machinery. My confidence was so high I was thinking maybe I should go rent a bulldozer just to prove I could drive it. Flashing ahead eleven months I am wondering whether Trina is rethinking the deal she struck.

She got new carpet throughout the house and the walls are a warm shade that brings out the colors nicely. She has a new couch in the living room and two leather reclining wing back chairs (ok those were my idea since I spend so much time sleeping on the couch I figured I deserved a nice leather reclining chair). Even the wall decorations are an understated elegance that she seems to be happy with. But the family room is another matter. For the most part I dialed it back a little so it was not too over the top. There is of course a leather sectional that faces the 60 inch Pioneer Elite big screen. I thought I should get bonus points for turning the 18 inch subwoofer into an end table but Trina was not in the mood to hand out bonus points I guess. All of that though she was ok with. It was the back of the room that she struggles to accept. There in the back I have my two Bank One Ballpark stadium seats flanking the subwoofer. Above them on the wall are two shelves which house my autographed team baseballs and my ceremonial first pitch ball. Next to the shelves is a framed photo of me throwing out the first pitch and above that is a panoramic picture of the first pitch in Diamondbacks history. On the floor next to the stadium seats is a basket holding the 87 baseballs that Dakota collected during the 2006 season. The basket is new since the last one was way too small to hold his treasures. The lamp table has an Arizona Diamondbacks comic book and two scrapbooks filled with baseball memories. There is also an assortment of stadium giveaways and a crystal Chase Field that we received as Season Ticket holders this year.

The facing wall is blank and this is where the current controversy is coming from. Trina wanted pictures of the kids and family on this wall since it is very visible from the kitchen and dining area. I had different ideas. I want to hang my piece of Bank One Ballpark sign on the wall along with a panoramic photo of the final out of the 2001 World Series and a 24 x 36 inch frame holding all of the tickets from the 1998 inaugural season. Trina believes that I have now gone over the line and that this room has ceased to be a family room and instead has become a Diamondbacks shrine. I told her that was absurd. A shrine required candles and this obviously did not have any candles. Besides, it is not like I pray there or anything. She then reminded me that the Diamondbacks rug I had in front of the chairs looked very much like the mats that our Muslim friends use for their prayers. Hmm, I wonder if I did pray there if it would help us to get better starting pitching. I would be willing to give it a try. God is a Diamondbacks fan, right?

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