What About Me?

With all of the grief that I cause for Trina, there are times that she does get even. Trina and I have a very interesting relationship. I keep her laughing and always keep her on her toes. She attempts to teach me that sometimes you have to be an adult and that as strange as it seems, there are things besides baseball that are important. I have to admit, I think I am more successful with my efforts than she is at hers. Sure I realize the adult thing but I’m still not sure I am buying into the whole “there are things more important than baseball”. We’ll keep working on each other because that is what people do when they love each other. That really has nothing to do with today’s entry but I did want to set the record straight. A lot of people may think that we have a contentious relationship but quite the opposite is the case. I think I was put here to help Trina gain sainthood (at least that is what her friends tell her).

Today the kids retrieved the mail. I am now on the lookout for notification of seat relocation (even though the process has just begun). Trina on the other hand is interested in Christmas cards and communications with friends and family. When Dakota came into the house with the mail, he stated there was nothing from the Diamondbacks for dad but mom got something from the team. “What? Are you sure?” I asked. Sure enough, he held up an envelope with Trina’s name on it. I ran to Trina and asked why the team was sending her mail but not me. In a calm voice she said, “Because I am the more sane one. They know if they talk to you you’ll say something crazy.” Well that’s kind of messed up I think. Regardless, I eagerly waited for her to open her letter. Inside were instructions for ordering spring training tickets at Tucson Electric Park. Oh man, I can hardly wait. “Not so fast” she said. “This letter is addressed to me, not you and I am not done reading it.” Some times she can really be infuriating. She purposely looked at the letter as slowly as she could trying to drive me crazy. The sad part was she was successful. Finally she relented and handed over the paper. As she did she said, “The Diamondbacks are playing the White Sox at Tucson Electric Park on your birthday. Did you want to go?” This is exactly why I love my wife. Of course I wanted to go and this was her way of saying “I know how important baseball is and I want to share your love of the game on a sunny afternoon in March”.

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