Winter Meetings

Day 2 of the Winter Meetings could best be classified as “all quiet on the eastern front” as far as the Diamondbacks are concerned. Looking for quotes and deals from the Diamondbacks is like trying to get a mime to talk. There just isn’t much to say. With a payroll pretty set and the prices of free agents accelerating faster than the space shuttle (I had to get at least one Florida reference in the opening paragraph) no one expected the Diamondbacks to be the communications hub of the meetings. What the fans did expect though was some sort of player movement. Leading up to the meetings all we heard about was how the Diamondbacks were trying to get better through trades and that their minor league system was loaded to the point that other teams were standing in line to get some of the talented prospects in the farm system. So far no deals have been announced by the team.

The Winter Meetings as a whole have been very quiet. No team seem willing to pull the trigger on a trade and even the free agent signings are relatively sparse. Rumors though seem to be in abundance from the lobby of the Swan and Dolphin hotels. While some of the rumors may be based on at least a semblance of truth there are others where you just scratch your head and wonder where in the world they come from. At one point during the day it was reported that the Diamondbacks were looking to deal their starting third baseman Chad Tracy to the Los Angeles Angels in exchange for starting pitching. I had to scramble to try and figure out what would happen if that did come to fruition. Since Damian Easley and Craig Counsell both left in free agency and Andy Green requested to be released to go to Japan, who would that leave that could play third base? Were I to venture a guess I would say the Diamondbacks would probably move Alberto Callaspo from second to third but I am not sure that is the answer. Mark Reynolds could also make the club out of spring training and fill in at third. The team is already projected to be one of the youngest in the major leagues so the prospects of either Callaspo or Reynolds as the opening day starter make me a little nervous. It will be interesting to see if anything comes from this rumor or if it was just smoke blowing in the wind. The most bizarre rumor of the day had Barry Bonds signing a contract to play for the Minnesota Twins. Why in the world would Barry go to the twin cities and why would the Twins even consider that move? Perhaps they were thinking that the Vikings get all of the publicity with their off-field activities that this is the only way for the Twins to compete. I guess anything is possible from a state that elected a professional wrestler as governor.

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