You Must Be Dreaming

There are times when I really wished I would have gone into psychology as a major in college. The inner workings of the mind are something that has always fascinated me. Trina and I have this discussion a lot. After being married as long as we have, Trina believes she has become somewhat of an expert on abnormal behavior and thought processing. It seems like ever day she is analyzing something I have said or done. Normally after her analysis she states, “well that is definitely not normal” but I am not exactly sure what that means. It is not just my non-conventional behavior that she finds odd; she also uses that phrase whenever we start to talk about dreams too.

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes my dreams are even stranger than the situations I usually find myself in when I am awake. Some of that I attribute to the fact that I usually sleep approximately 3 – 4 hours per night. It is not that I am an insomniac, it just seems like my body does not require that much rest. Four hours of sleep is a lot more than I am used to but since my shoulder surgery last January I seem to need more rest for some reason. With the increase of sleep, I have found myself dreaming more and more. Last night was a prime example. I went to be as usual around two-thirty and soon fell into a dream state. I tend to dream in color which I regretted last night. My dream started in a dark corridor and I was walking searching for something. The corridor became lighter and it was as if I were in a maze of cubicles trying to find an exit. I was wearing a Sedona Red Diamondbacks jersey with the accompanying red snake hat. At this point I should mention that my dream was quickly becoming a nightmare since it contained Sedona Red. I continued to search for an exit to the cubicle labyrinth. I turned the corner and walked past another person going the opposite direction. The person looked familiar and as we approached I realized it was Derrick Hall, new president of the Diamondbacks. He stopped me and commented on how well he liked my jersey. I introduced myself and he said he knew who I was and invited me to Chase Field for an interview. I have no idea what I was interviewing for but agreed to come down to the field. We shook hands and went or different ways. I turned the corner and found myself on the Chase Field concourse searching for my seats. I was frantic because the signs around the sections had been removed so I had no way of knowing which section was mine. I soon found myself walking down the aisle to row 9 of the un-numbered section. There on the seat was my seat cushion and scorebook. I sat down and began to fill out the line-up. I looked up and the players were on the field decked out in the purple sleeveless jerseys warming up. I looked back at my scorebook but it was gone and was replaced with a notebook and word processing software. No one else was in the stadium but the roof was open and it was an afternoon game. I got up to go and get a hot dog and when I reached the top of the section I was sitting in, I found myself in my living room wearing a pair of Goofy slippers and my Diamondbacks pajamas. The phone began to ring and I tried to answer it but instead of the phone I was talking into my Tivo remote and the other party would not respond. I got so frustrated that I woke up. The dream bothered me so much that I could not go back to sleep. I have no idea what it means and it’s driving me crazy. Trina suggested it wasn’t that far of a drive in my case.

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