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A Proud New Owner

Today is definitely a Sedona Red letter day in my life as I am sure it is in thousands of other baseball fans’ lives. Not because it would have been Jackie Robinson’s 88th birthday or that it is Nolan Ryan’s 60th birthday. No, today is special because it is the day where final payment is due on season tickets for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Sure there are always two sides to every story. Some of you may be thinking, “How...

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My Technology Love Affairs

New products and services seem to come along constantly but very few make a dent in my life. I find I am just too busy with the day-to-day chaos of activity that I just don’t have time to devote to trying out all the new toys and gadgets. This is really a depressing fact for me as I just love new technology and trying new things. But even though I seem to be overwhelmed with my normal life flow there are times that a new product or...

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Oh No, Not the Honey-Do List!

For 63 days I have successfully dodged the piercing glares and probing discussions from my wife as she has attempted to get me to commit to work around the house. If I kept up that pace I may be about to slide through the next 19 days until pitchers and catchers report. At that point I could plead that baseball season had started and I had so much work to do between the blog and preparing myself for Opening Day that I could not possibly be...

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Monster Jam

Lost in all the chaos of yesterday was the fact that there was an event scheduled at Chase Field. As I have said countless times before (you are welcome to peruse the blog archives to count if you want) I am an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball fan. That being said, I try to never miss an opportunity to go to Chase Field if for no other reason than to check out my seats and make sure the stadium has not been reconfigured and my seat is gone. Yeah I...

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Hometown Tour

A few days ago the Arizona Diamondbacks announced the annual Hometown Tour. This has been a fan favorite for the past several years. Caravans travel the state carrying players, coaches, and announcers meeting with fans and giving them a chance to make a connection with the team. Most of the caravans travel to far off places around the state allowing everyone in Arizona to be counted as Diamondbacks fans. Unfortunately the local Phoenix fan is...

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I Had a Dream

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real you would swear that you were wide awake? I am not talking about the dream where you are standing on a hill dressed in sun god robes with thousands of women worshiping you and throwing kosher baby dill pickles at you. No I am talking about a dream where when you wake up you just know the events happened and they seemed plausible so that when you told the dream to a friend or co-worker they would...

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We Interrupt This Program

I think we have all experienced watching our favorite television program and just at a pivotal point of the program the network will put their news graphic on the screen and in an official voice they announce, “We interrupt this program with an important news bulletin”. This is usually followed by some talking head that tries his best to look serious as he explains some event that usually occurs thousands of miles away from where...

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Diamondbacks Magazine

Late last week I received an email from the Arizona Diamondbacks. That event may become one of the good/bad day criteria very soon. This email happened to be from Diamondbacks Magazine. In the message the team described the changes that would be occurring with the team’s printed media. I know this is probably very difficult to imagine but I am an avid reader of this publication. I first started reading Diamondbacks Magazine in 1998 and I...

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Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

So I happened to be perusing the archives at just trying to see if I had somehow missed a story in the past month. I’m not exactly sure how I could miss a story since I read that site and the Diamondbacks sites daily if for no other reason then to remind myself that reporting day for pitchers and catchers is only 22 days away. Granted it is the longest 22 days of my life but looking at the bright side it is better than yesterday....

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