A Proud New Owner

Today is definitely a Sedona Red letter day in my life as I am sure it is in thousands of other baseball fans’ lives. Not because it would have been Jackie Robinson’s 88th birthday or that it is Nolan Ryan’s 60th birthday. No, today is special because it is the day where final payment is due on season tickets for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Sure there are always two sides to every story. Some of you may be thinking, “How can this be such a great day, after all you have to send hundreds or thousands of dollars to a faceless corporate entity who has no feelings for the every day fan.” To you I would say, stop channeling my wife. No I am kidding; Trina is as excited as I am about today. Well maybe not as excited but she is at least putting up with it. After all, can you possibly imagine what life in our house would be like if I didn’t get season tickets? That would mean I would be around all the time and she would lose 83 nights where she can do whatever she wants knowing I will never find out about her trips to the craft store or the scrapbooking store. And even if I did find out she knows that if I have season tickets then she can justify her purchases by stating, “Well it is cheaper than your baseball tickets.” There really is no comeback for that so she has an upper hand in our marriage from April through September. I’m ok with that as long as I have season tickets.

So today is pretty special. It gave me an excuse to spend time on the Diamondbacks web site and an excuse to call the Diamondbacks office, and I could probably even stretch it to include as an excuse to go to the team shop. Well that might be stretching it slightly and I didn’t want to press my luck too much. Besides, I had forwarded to Trina the email that I had received from the Diamondbacks yesterday where they listed potential Valentines Day gift ideas. Obviously it had been mistakenly sent to me when it should have gone to Trina in the first place. Nothing says I love you like something in Sedona Red. That’s my new theory. After several minutes checking out the various nuances of the Diamondbacks web site trying to find any new information that I may have missed since yesterday, I made my way to the Season Ticket Renewal section. I entered my user ID and password to log in. Each time I do that I am reminded of Cheers when Norm came into the bar and everyone would call his name. I don’t know why but I always seem slightly disappointed that the web site doesn’t play a sound of 20-30 people calling my name. Sorry, I digressed. After logging in I made sure that my seats were still represented to be in the same spot. The events of January 12 were still fresh on my mind and I just didn’t feel like calling the suicide hotline again if my seats were in the wrong place. Everything seemed to be in order and with a few short clicks of the mouse my transaction was completed and I had before me the receipt showing my account was paid in full. I had never felt so proud. The feeling closely resembles the first time you buy a car or a house. I had purchased a dream. Not just any dream but one filled with the sights of young kids playing in a field of lush green; the smells of hot dogs, peanuts, and freshly cut grass emanating from every direction. A dream of hope and anticipation that this would be the year something special would happen. Buying season tickets is like buying a book. Each game is a new page. As you turn the pages the story evolves. The characters are introduced and you begin to relate to them as they battle through the adventures of the book. You can hardly wait to turn each page wanting to know what would happen next. There are chapters where our heroes triumph and others where they fall to unknown forces. Each of these helps us to connect closer with the story. I can’t wait to start this new book and see what lies ahead. For now though I must be content knowing I am the newest owner of two tickets to the greatest story on grass from the vantage point of section 132 row 15 seats 13-14.

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