Bigger Balls and Smaller Players

I am first and foremost a baseball fan and specifically a Diamondbacks fan. After that I am a husband and a father. Trina and I have had a lot of long discussions about the order of things and priorities. I am not sure why she is so bent out of shape, she was ranked number two and I have offered to allow the second place priority with the best record to make the play-offs so she should be grateful that she’s the wildcard in my life. Somehow though she doesn’t share my enthusiasm for that accomplishment. If Trina had her way I think baseball would be buried somewhere at the bottom of the standings. As a result, I am trying to make a conscious effort to move husband and father up closer to the top at least until Spring Training starts. This weekend was a perfect example. My son Dakota has been playing soccer for the past 4 years and has actually gotten pretty good at it. As a result he has made the tournament team and their first action is this weekend. His team will be playing in the Coldwell Banker Shootout in Tucson Arizona. Trina seemed to insist that I attend this tournament. I am not sure where she would get the idea that I may not go. Quite the contrary, I was excited at the thoughts of driving 2 hours, staying in a hotel with the families of 9 other 9 year old boys and their parents, and watching soccer matches.

We left Friday as soon as I got home so that we could be in Tucson in time for the soccer parade. (Please don’t ask what a soccer parade is, just trust me that in someone’s mind that sounded like a good idea.) From our house we drove south on the Interstate to Tucson. We had only been on the road for about 45 minutes when I was passed by a silver Mercedes. I happened to look over at the driver who looked very familiar. I nudged Trina who was sleeping and woke her pointing to the driver that was passing us. “Do you know who that is?” I asked. Trina groggily nodded that she did not. “That’s Jeff Moorad, one of the owners of the Diamondbacks.” I said. Trina mumbled something about how I thought everyone looks like a member of the Diamondbacks and went back to sleep. At that moment I began devising a plan. Dakota had three games scheduled this weekend and each game lasted a little over an hour. This meant there would be plenty of non-soccer time available. I should be able to leave the soccer field and make my way over to Tucson Electric Park to check the status of the field and as long as I was there I may as well stop by the team shop and the ticket office and get some spring training gear. I mean what harm could that cause? I am in town for Dakota’s soccer games so that should count towards the wife-induced priority shifting and I would still be able to get a little baseball fix while I was there. As far as I could tell this would be a win-win.

What I had not anticipated was how large this soccer thing was. Tucson was expecting 10,000 people to attend this soccer tournament. There were over 360 teams involved in games on Saturday and Sunday. Traffic looked like what I experienced after the play-offs at Chase Field. We literally had to park a mile away from the fields and hike to where games were being played. To top things off, it was cold and rainy making it miserable to sit there. Due to the inclement weather, I could not get into Tucson Electric Park and the team shop closed before I got there. I did get a Spring Training calendar but that was about as lucky as I got. So when Dakota was not playing, we were back at the hotel trying to dry out. Lucky for me I at least remembered to bring my November/December issue of Diamondbacks Magazine so it wasn’t a total loss.

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