I Had a Dream

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real you would swear that you were wide awake? I am not talking about the dream where you are standing on a hill dressed in sun god robes with thousands of women worshiping you and throwing kosher baby dill pickles at you. No I am talking about a dream where when you wake up you just know the events happened and they seemed plausible so that when you told the dream to a friend or co-worker they would actually believe your story. Well, I had one of those dreams last night and when I woke up I swore it had really happened. I immediately ran to the computer to see if MSN or one of the news outlets were reporting the events that had occurred. Unfortunately I was disappointed to learn that it really was a dream. In the off chance though that this was a premonition and the events will unfold, I’ll give my views on it before I forget how I felt when I first learned what had happened.

In my dream I was having a fairly normal day or at least as normal as a day in my life gets. I had the day off and I was diligently avoiding Trina since I knew that she knew that I knew that she had a list of things that needed to be done around the house before Spring Training arrived. She knows that she has a finite amount of time where my life is not consumed with baseball and that time typically occurs shortly after the conclusion of the winter meetings and lasts until about a week before pitchers and catchers report to Tucson. So here I was trying to make myself appear busy so that the dreaded “honey do” list did not rear its ugly head. I decided that the car really needed to be washed and rather than drag the hose out and try to find out where the kids had taken the bucket I figured I would just take the car somewhere and have it washed. And since I was headed north anyway I may as well stop by Chase Field and see if the team shop had any new merchandise. I was in my car driving and I was listening to the radio. I had tuned into a baseball show just as they announced a breaking news story. The Arizona Diamondbacks had just traded third baseman Chad Tracy and pitcher Jorge Julio to the Washington Nationals for relief pitcher Chad Cordero. My first reaction was that of shock since I was not aware the Diamondbacks had been talking to the Nationals. I then became concerned as I wondered who would be playing third base this season now that Tracy had been traded. The talk show host must have been reading my mind (which is quite possible since this was a dream) as he quoted Diamondbacks officials who stated that Alberto Callespo would hold down the hot corner until Brian Barden was ready to take over on a daily basis. That seemed plausible since Tracy had struggled both defensively committing 25 errors at third and offensively where he struck out 129 times. Perhaps a change of scenery is what Chad needs to regain some of his confidence. Tracy would move to first base for Washington where he would fill in while Nick Johnson recovered from a leg injury. Julio would take over the closer’s role for the Nationals who have confidence he has found himself after a successful winter league season in Venezuela. The key for Arizona to make this move was the ability to sign Cordero to a contract extension since he is scheduled to be a free agent after the 2007 season. Cordero will become the Diamondbacks closer where he hopes to maintain the dominance he showed during the 2006 season. Jose Valverde and Tony Pena will combine to be used as set-up men for Cordero. This move gives the Diamondbacks a great closer which had been identified as a potential problem for them after Valverde imploded during 2006. General Manager Josh Byrnes said discussions are underway with Cordero’s agents and they were confident an extension would be signed before the season began. I think overall this trade will benefit both teams. The Nationals have insurance and a run producer if Johnson is unable to recover from his leg injury. Tracy’s contract is fairly reasonable in today’s market so Washington could end up moving Tracy if or when Johnson returns. Julio gives them a closer who is signed past the end of the year and gives them the option of grooming one of their young pitching prospects or continuing to use Jorge. The Diamondbacks free up payroll and provide an avenue for Barden to move to third when they feel he is ready. They also add a dominant back end closer which is something they have not had in recent years. I like this move. Now if I can just convince everyone else that this wasn’t really a dream I’d feel better about putting a down payment on post season tickets.

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