My Resolutions

With the ringing in of the New Year, it has become traditional for us to review our lives and assess how they have turned out. This assessment never seems to be positive. There are always aspects that we wished could or would be changed. Undoubtedly that then leads to some sort of complaining about how life is not turning out quite like you planned which is a natural stepping stone towards promising yourself that you will somehow change the aspects that are most bothering you. Just so you don’t forget, you write each of these things down along with a promise of how you will make things better in the coming year. These lists are then taped to the refrigerator door to act as a constant reminder to you of the things that need to be worked upon. Slowly these lists that took center stage on your refrigerator will find themselves pushed aside by shopping lists, pictures that your kids drew, and reminders of doctor’s appointments you have made. Before long, this list of resolutions is buried never to be seen again until next January when you clean off the refrigerator to make room for next years resolutions.

In this spirit I present to you my list of 2007 resolutions.

1. I vow to not say anything negative about the Diamondbacks changing from purple and turquoise to Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and Black at least until all-star break.

2. I promise to give Trina at least one gift this year that does not come from the Chase Field team shop (unless there is a killer sale at the team shop).

3. I will not take my kids out of school to attend a baseball game unless it is a special occasion like Opening Day, the game that will clinch the play-offs, a play-off game, or there is a killer promotional giveaway.

4. I will eat healthier meaning that I will at least ask about saturated fats when I am ordering at a concession stand at Chase Field

5. I will limit myself to attending only one Spring Training game each week of March (I may as well scratch that one out right now).

6. I will go to every Diamondbacks home game unless there is something more important going on. Hey, I need one that I can actually accomplish.

7. I won’t let Mallorie talk me into leaving a game early even if the Diamondbacks are losing by more than 10 runs and there is only an inning left in the game.

8. I will vote for at least 1 deserving player on the American League all-star ballot and not just vote for the Kansas City Royals so the National League will win.

9. I will be relaxed at ever game this season even if fat syringe guy sits in front of me during the San Francisco Giants games.

See I feel better already knowing I am going to diligently try to make my life better in 2007.

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