Riding the Rollercoaster

This has been one of those days where at the end you just can’t decide whether it was a good day or a bad day. Today is an anniversary day for me. It marks one year since I had my latest shoulder surgery. At this time in 2006 I was being wheeled into the surgical center to repair a torn labrum. This was the fourth time I had that shoulder operated on and it appeared that I would need one more before I was done. Prior to surgery I could not lift my arm above my shoulder so I had high hopes that this would repair that and I would finally begin to get back to normal and resume playing ball. It was a depressing time of my life as the shoulder injury and subsequent surgery eliminated any chance I had of attending the inaugural Diamondbacks fantasy camp. I vowed to get my arm back into shape so that I could attend the 2007 Fantasy Camp. For the next twelve months I went through physical therapy (Trina seems to find joy in being able to tell all of her friends that I am in therapy and makes a habit of forgetting to mention that it is physical therapy) trying to overcome the problems I was having with my throwing arm. I had always hoped for the best so that I would be able to attend fantasy camp. By mid-December I realized that was not going to happen. My arm is still having problems and no amount of therapy is going to help. The pain though slightly better than a year ago is a constant reminder of how much I have left to do. My goal of attending fantasy camp was destroyed and this week has been especially depressing knowing I am not in Tucson with the campers. With all this disappointment I desperately needed something to pick me up.

That pick-me-up came today in the form of a letter in a Sedona Red envelope. Yes sports fans I got a letter from home. There on the return address was the new Diamondbacks logo just waiting to brighten my day. I eagerly opened the envelope to see what new and exciting things the team had to tell me. Within the letter was the confirmation of my seat relocation that we had talked about earlier. Once payment is received by January 31 I will be the official season ticket license holder for Section 132 Row 15 Seats 13-14. I am totally psyched at the thoughts of the 2007 season and getting to know my new neighbors on the third base side. That was not all there was in the envelope though. The Diamondbacks also included an invitation to Spring Training in Tucson on March 3. Season Ticket holders have an opportunity to travel down to the game and see the Diamondbacks play at Tucson Electric Park. This is totally cool. What better way to spend a day than going to Spring Training with my fellow season ticket holder family. I grabbed my magic marker and circled the new important dates I had to remember. January 31 I need to send the Diamondbacks money, February 12 I need to let the team know I am going to Tucson, March 3 I need to go to Spring Training, and April 2 I need to find an excuse to go to Denver Colorado to see opening day against the Rockies. So much to do and so little time.

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