Signs of the Apocalypse

Have you ever had one of those days where just the most bizarre things happen for absolutely no explanation? Welcome to my world. I have come to the misguided conclusion that I have a magnetic personality and I am polar opposite of normal. Yesterday just happened to be one of those days where at the end you just sort of scratch your head and say, “well that’s interesting.” I was living large hanging around just waiting for the Hall of Fame vote to be announced when I thought I should probably check my email. Like most Sedona Red Blooded Americans I have about a million different email addresses. I’m not sure why I have that many other than the fact that every time I create a site or log into something I get asked if I want an email address. My mom always taught me to politely accept a gift so I took it. Now I find I have more mail addresses than I actually have mail. That in and of itself is not the weird part, it is what I found when I started checking the accounts that gets weird.

I’ve come to the conclusion that more than 80 percent of all email is probably some form of unsolicited SPAM. Again I blame my mother as she once told me that I should reply when someone asks me a question. I therefore make it a point to reply to the SPAM that I receive. And through the years that has become a comedy in and of itself. You would be amazed at what happens when you actually answer that guy from Nigeria who is offering to share his millions of dollars with you. And that company trying to sell you land on the moon doesn’t appreciate it when you ask for more information like how close your lot would be to the intergalactic freeway. And please don’t get me started on the responses I get when I talk to all those Viagra salesmen.

You would think that after having been replying for several years that I would have seen it all but yesterday threw me for a loop. In one of my accounts I had an email from the Arizona Republic which is the local newspaper in Phoenix. I have kind of a love hate relationship with the paper. I love the idea that someone is up in the middle of the night delivering news to my driveway. I hate columnist Dan Bickley. At first I thought maybe this was yet another plea from them to renew my subscription (I’m holding out for the free gift I will receive at Chase Field when I order the paper) but this email came from one of their reporters. The message was relatively brief and said

We are working up a story on the Randy Johnson trade for tomorrow’s


Can you give me a call today, before noon if possible?

Now why in the world would someone want to talk to me about Randy Johnson? I’m just a guy from Section 108 Row 14 Seat 20. Since when do my opinions count? Curious I called the number enclosed within the email. The gentleman on the other end seemed like a nice enough guy. He appeared intelligent, articulate, and a baseball fan. This was an exact opposite from what I expected as I thought I would be hearing from someone like Bickley. The reporter and I talked for nearly half an hour about the team, the fan’s reaction to bringing Randy back, and life in general. I had no preconceptions going into the conversation and at the end I was not sure what kind of story could be written based upon us talking. The point I attempted to make is that two years of Randy Johnson at the tail end of his career is probably better than the best two years we could expect from Ross Ohlendorf. Becoming younger does not mean we should turn away from acquiring one of the top 50 pitchers still in the game. Pitching is a premium and regardless of what the Yankees thought, you can never have too much of it. With the position players the Diamondbacks have gotten younger, adding pieces such as Doug Davis and Randy Johnson gives the team an opportunity to compete today while giving the young pitchers a role model that they can follow. I don’t think Johnson will be a cancer in the clubhouse, quite the opposite. I think that as we grow older we want to impart our knowledge to those around us. It is Randy’s time to help the younger players and I think as a historian of the game he will relish this chance and make a profound difference on some of these guys. There is life after baseball and I believe Randy Johnson offers a lot both on the field and in the clubhouse that will make this team better now and in the future. How many teams have a guaranteed first ballot Hall of Fame pitcher on their staff who can impart the wisdom and work ethic necessary to be a successful major league pitcher? I think the Diamondbacks and Randy Johnson understand this and will make it work. So while everyone is focused on the negative aspects they need to stop and see this for what it is. This is a chance for a player with the competitive drive to overcome adversity and provide value to his employer. How is Randy any different than any of us trying to do the same in our jobs beyond the fact that he gets $24 million, is 6 foot 10 inches, and has reached a pinnacle that few in life will ever be able to attain?

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  1. I’ve had several people ask for the link to the story in the Arizona Republic. You can see it here if you are interested.

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