The Ambassador of Diamondbacks

Whenever I leave home, I always make sure I have at least one piece of Diamondbacks merchandise. Luckily that does not seem to be a problem for me since almost everything I own has the team logo on it. (Important safety tip to all husbands: regardless of how cute and sexy you think your wife will look in that Diamondbacks negligee you saw in the Team Shop, your wife will not agree when you get home.) I will admit, my wardrobe is substantially dated as most of it is purple and turquoise but it still supports the team. So when I left for Minnesota, I made sure I had some Diamondbacks apparel. The truth of the matter is I took nearly all my Diamondbacks clothing and wore it simultaneously just to try and stay warm. As I packed for the trip, Trina asked the same question that she always does, “why do you always take your Diamondbacks gear with you?” I’m not sure whether she somehow is anticipating that after 10 years of her asking that same question I will all of a sudden change my answer or if she is having one of those “senior moments” when she just forgot that she had asked that before. My answer never waivers.

I take my Diamondbacks apparel because I am a fan. Being a fan has several connotations. First there is the aspect of loyalty where you pledge your allegiance to the team by proudly wearing the team colors. I should note here that any attempt to teach your children the pledge of allegiance while changing the words from United States to Arizona Diamondbacks will result in trips to see the principal for both your child and you as a parent. You just have to trust me on this one. Second, you just never know when you will meet a New York Yankees fan and you get yet another opportunity to rub in the fact that the Diamondbacks have more World Series championships this century than the Yankees so they just need to quit living in the past. The most important reason I wear my Diamondbacks gear is because I feel like I am an ambassador of the team. Many franchises have long histories and have had an opportunity to build generations of fans that follow their teams. The Diamondbacks have only been in existence nine short years and therefore are at a disadvantage. Outside of Arizona, there are not a lot of true Diamondbacks fans. So when I travel it gives me an opportunity to talk about the team. Today was a prime example. As I sat in the airport in Minneapolis freezing waiting for the plane to thaw out enough for us to board, a gentleman came to the gate and sat across from me. He noticed the Diamondbacks shirt, sweatshirt, and hat I was wearing and he took a chance, “Are you a Diamondbacks fan?” he asked. This brief statement led to an entertaining 20 minute discussion about the Diamondbacks, Randy Johnson, the Minnesota Twins (he had been to a couple of Twins games last year), pitching, and the state of Major League Baseball. My eyes lit up as we talked about Spring Training and the opportunities for the 2007 season. There was an immediate bond of baseball fans brought about because I happened to be wearing a lot of clothing with the Diamondbacks logo. Just for a moment I was back in sunny Arizona along the third base side watching a Spring Training game and that was enough to keep me warm until I could get home. I’m not just a fan of Arizona; I am the Ambassador of Diamondbacks.

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  1. Heh, I used to live in Phoenix and Tucson. I do the same thing now that I live in North Carolina. It’s great rubbing it in the Yankees fans face that we beat them in ’01.

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