Thirteen Reasons to Worry

It was a cold Idaho morning some thirteen years ago. I was sicker than I had ever been in my life. I was fighting off a cold and the flu and was drugged to the gills. All that took a back seat though as Trina was nine months pregnant and was over her due date. When she shook me awake at 3 AM I knew what that meant. I jumped out of bed nearly knocking myself out on the closet door that I had forgotten to close the night before. I found my clothes and quickly dressed before helping Trina get her things for a trip to the hospital. The roads were icy and slick and very dangerous. I was careful but felt on the edge trying to get Trina to the hospital. We arrived and were admitted to wait for the birth of our daughter. Whitney Leigh Summers was born shortly thereafter and became the second baby born in Idaho Falls for 1994. The first baby born each year is showered with gifts from local businesses and vendors. The second baby born each year doesn’t even get the used diapers from the first baby. I’ve never let Whitney forget that fact and remind her of it each year on her birthday. This year was a special milestone for Whitney, she is now officially a teenager.

That fact usually brings fear to the hearts of a parent as their child reaches the teen years where suddenly semi-rational children become a heap of hormonal disarray and chaos ensues around the house. I am less worried about Whitney as she seems to be the one child we have that has her head on straight. There is one aspect of her personality that does change as she matures from childhood to becoming a young woman and that is her outlook on baseball. I have written before about her being the book worm and how she could really care less about baseball. That just seems so unnatural especially within our family so I am hoping that this milestone in her life will help her to realize that there is more to life than just school work and books. I wanted to get her a new Sedona Red hat for her birthday but oddly enough that was not listed among the things that she wanted as a gift. So I did the next best thing, I made sure that her birthday cake had at least one candle that resembled Sedona Red. It may just take a few baby steps but I think I can finally get her to admit that baseball is cool and that being at the ballpark doesn’t have to be a punishment.

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