Caps for Sale

When I was a small child I used to watch Captain Kangaroo on television religiously. Mostly I like to watch just so Mr. Moose would drop a million ping pong balls on the captain but there were other interesting segments on that show too. The Captain would always read a story each episode and one in particular that remember was called Caps for Sale which was about a hat salesman who had his hats stolen by a bunch of monkeys. This was kind of traumatic for me as I was always afraid some band of rogue monkeys would swoop down and take my baseball hat. As I’ve grown older, I have related more and more to the cap salesman. In fact, when the Diamondbacks changed their colors negating my 54 hat collection to that of old relic; I felt very similar to the cap salesman who looked up to see the monkeys wearing his hats in the trees. Today was yet another in a long line of monkeys reaching down to snatch the hat off my head.

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