Steve Gilbert is the beat writer covering the Arizona Diamondbacks for I highly respect his work and always try to read any new stories he may have about the team. Today’s rendition was entitled D-backs ready to begin new legacy. It made me stop and think what length of time constitutes a legacy. The Diamondbacks have fielded a team for a decade. Is that long enough to create a legacy? I went to Google and began to research whether legacy equated to a specific time. This took much longer than I anticipated as I traveled from site to site and got involved in the journey rather than the result. For example, the number one return site for legacy is which appears to be an online obituary service. I made a note to bookmark that site. As soon as the Colorado Rockies are eliminated from contention which should be around the first of May I’ll return and write their obituary. That should be good for a few laughs.

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