It’s day two of our trip to the second happiest place on earth. Yesterday was such a beautiful day with temperatures in the mid-eighties and clear skies. That in no way prepared us for today when we awoke to temperatures in the mid-fifties and cloudy skies. When you have kids and your window overlooks Disneyland, staying in bed is never an option. Begrudgingly I crawled out of bed, jumped in a quick shower and donned my white pinstripe Diamondbacks jersey. I soon realized that would not be nearly warm or dry enough so I added my Diamondbacks sweatshirt and wind breaker. All of this purple and turquoise did not go well with my black and Sedona Red Diamondbacks hat but I have to ease into the color change just a little. So after preparing for the crisp weather we made our way over to the theme parks. The crowds reminded me of beanie baby days at Bank One Ballpark in the early days. There were people everywhere standing in line pushing and shoving to see what was ahead. It was hard for me to comprehend this many people would attend a non-baseball function.

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