Junior Noboa began his professional baseball career in 1981 when he signed a free-agent contract with the Cleveland Indians. He made his Major League debut three years later on August 22, 1984 against Toronto. His career lasted 8 years and he played for Cleveland, California, Montreal, New York Mets, Toronto, Oakland, and Pittsburgh. In 1994 he retired as an active player. Noboa’s statistics were not overly impressive and as such he most likely would have faded into the background of baseball remembered only by those who saw him play. Junior Noboa’s life in baseball did not end there though. When the Arizona Diamondbacks became a franchise on March 9, 1995 they knew they would need to build a strong minor league foundation which would include a presence in Latin America. Arizona approached Junior Noboa to help them build a presence in this hot bed of baseball talent. August 1995 he became a member of the Diamondbacks and began to establish a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. His signing quickly began to pay dividends when he signed the first two players for the Diamondbacks after being on the job only a month.

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