The Diamondbacks officially put single game day tickets on sale on Saturday February 24 during FanFest. For those fans who have been long time Diamondbackers or MVP Rewards participants they are given an opportunity to purchase individual game tickets on Friday February 23. Those fans who are season ticket holders are able to purchase additional day of game tickets beginning at 9 AM this morning or 48 hours before the general public. When the Diamondbacks announced their promotional schedule I knew there would be games where my two season tickets were not enough. After what seemed to be an all-night draft party, we had finally settled who was going to each game. All the dates had been assigned with the exception of the six bobblehead giveaway games and no one was giving an inch on those. I now have a strong appreciation for the negotiators at the Cuban missile crisis. All they had to do was talk two countries out of starting a global thermal nuclear war. That would have been a cake walk compared to brokering a deal to see who gets to go to Orlando Hudson’s Golden Glove Bobblehead night. In an act of desperation I finally got everyone to compromise. I would buy 2 extra tickets to each of the bobblehead games. This would still require us to determine who would be sitting in the upper deck versus who would be sitting in Section 132 with me but at least they would all be in attendance. Now all that was left was to procure the tickets.

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