I struggle with the idea of what constitutes a Hall of Fame baseball player. Although I am not a voting member of the Baseball Writers Association of America I still struggle with the definition. As an avid baseball fan I have probably watched as many baseball games as some of the voting members so I do feel that I have the right to question some of the decisions of who is included and who is excluded during the voting. I will first state that I don’t believe that statistics alone should be the criteria when electing a person to the Hall of Fame. I think character and contributions to the game are important aspects that in many cases get overlooked. To me contribution is the most important criteria. A player may not have had a long and illustrious career but during the short time they did play they had such an impact on the sport that their name immediately brings up memories that bring us closer to the game. At the top of that list is a name that rarely gets mentioned as a strong Hall of Fame candidate, Roger Maris.

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