A Card Classic

An interesting article came across my desk today. The Topps baseball card company released their 2007 baseball cards. Among these cards is the #40 Derek Jeter player card. Since I am not a fan of Derek Jeter this didn’t really seem newsworthy to me. In fact I would have assumed there would be a card with the likeness of the Yankees team captain so I wasn’t sure why there would be a story specifically about that. Curious I decided to read on and see if there was something special about this card. It seems that someone within the Topps company has a sense of humor. On the card featuring Derek Jeter at-bat, Mickey Mantle is sitting in the Yankee dugout looking on. And if that were not enough, President George W. Bush is sitting in the stands behind Jeter waving.

No one is saying who within Topps made the digital modification. toppsjeter.jpg

Currently Topps plans to release the card which is appearing in packages now.

“We saw it in the final proof and we could have axed it, but we decided to let it run, we wanted to print it. We thought it was hilarious.”

Topps spokesman Clay Luraschi

The card will be changed in midseason when Topps issues their complete set. So for now there will be a rush by collectors and curious fans hoping to add this card to their collections. I’m struggling with the dilemma as I would love to see this card but I just cannot force myself to buy a Derek Jeter card. That would be like joining the “I love Satan” fan club.

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