Caps for Sale

When I was a small child I used to watch Captain Kangaroo on television religiously. Mostly I like to watch just so Mr. Moose would drop a million ping pong balls on the captain but there were other interesting segments on that show too. The Captain would always read a story each episode and one in particular that remember was called Caps for Sale which was about a hat salesman who had his hats stolen by a bunch of monkeys. This was kind of traumatic for me as I was always afraid some band of rogue monkeys would swoop down and take my baseball hat. As I’ve grown older, I have related more and more to the cap salesman. In fact, when the Diamondbacks changed their colors negating my 54 hat collection to that of old relic; I felt very similar to the cap salesman who looked up to see the monkeys wearing his hats in the trees. Today was yet another in a long line of monkeys reaching down to snatch the hat off my head.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have had many hats throughout the years. Beginning with the three color versions prior to their inaugural season all the way through to the purple “A” hat that has become their signature. Last fall they introduced their colors and logos and with it came two new hats. The Sedona Red with the new styled “D” logo would be both their home and away hat for the 2007 season. The second hat (which by the way is my favorite of the two non-purple hats) is an alternative hat that is only worn with the black alternate jersey. It is a black hat with a Sedona Red and Black “A” logo. This should have greatly simplified my life but it didn’t. Today the Diamondbacks announced they would add a third hat to the ensemble. This hat would be worn during Spring Training, for batting practice during the regular season, and for players to work out in. It is a black hat but with a Sedona Red and Sonoran Sand “D” logo on the front. They also introduced the batting practice jersey which is Sedona Red with the Black and Sonoran Sand “D” logo in the upper right. Immediately I knew that I had to find one of these new hats. The jersey can wait until my birthday but I need to start breaking in the hat. I spent the better part of the evening in the car or on the phone traveling to various shops around the valley trying to find one of these hats. In the end I was just like the cap salesman from the children’s book. I was sitting under a tree with mocking monkeys above me and I didn’t have a hat. This is not a good way to start a weekend.

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