Happy President’s Day

There are times that I wonder whether the Hallmark Corporation just starts making up holidays as an excuse to sell more greet cards. But then I stop to analyze each of the holidays in order to find the significance for us celebrating. Granted, some of those are a stretch like Chinese New Years. Is it really that important to celebrate a country using a different calendar? And who exactly made this the year of the pig? I could have justified its inclusion on the calendar if they would have said it was the year of the Diamondback but the year of the pig? That is totally messed up. I didn’t come to bash pigs though; I came to talk about the holiday we are celebrating today – President’s Day.

Growing up, President’s Day meant we got a day off from school in the still frozen tundra of Idaho where we could ride sleds and throw snowballs (which is where I first realized how big my breaking ball really was). What I didn’t understand was the significance of this day. I was under the misinterpretation that this day was a compromise between those people who wanted to celebrate Washington’s Birthday and those who wanted to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday. It was not until much later that I understood what this day really meant. This is a day set aside to celebrate and acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments that the president has made since being in office. Well I have had the opportunity to meet and observe both presidents that the Diamondbacks have had since their inception and I wholeheartedly agree that they deserve a day of celebration.

Rich Dozer was the first Diamondbacks president taking office shortly after the team was awarded in March 1995. Over the course of the three years leading up to the beginning of play he worked to build out an incredible staff and prepared both the stadium and the fans for their first look at Major League Baseball in Phoenix. Granted there were a few turbulent moments such as the introduction of an increase in ticket prices during fan appreciation weekend but overall Mr. Dozer was responsible for much of the success that the Diamondbacks had. He will always have a near and dear spot in the hearts of my family as he was willing to listen to a crazed woman who chased him down the concourse to ask if her husband could throw out a first pitch. That event lead to many other interactions with him and each time he graciously listened to our comments and made the game and the atmosphere better. When his term ended last fall we were saddened to see him go and we’ll always cherish the memories we have.

Derrick Hall succeeded Rich Dozer taking the office of President of the Diamondbacks last fall shortly after the regular season ended. He has quickly made a name for himself as he introduced a consolidated pricing structure which saw many fans season tickets either remain the same or in some cases go down in price over a year ago. In his short time as president he too has faced adversity as the team chose to change their colors from Purple and Turquoise to Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and Black. And while that decision has polarized the fan base, it is beginning to slowly grow on everyone and before long it will hopefully be just as comfortable. Mr. Hall like his predecessor has gone out of his way to listen to the fans and maintain an open communication channel. This is encouraging to see and as a result I think that he too deserves accolades during this holiday.

So today I am heading to the Hallmark store to attempt to purchase two greeting cards with either a baseball or a picture of the stadium on it. That should not be too hard should it? After all, what other reason would there be to have President’s Day?

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