How About a Promotion?

Trina came into the room stating that Dakota’s tournament soccer team was interested in playing in a tournament in Cottonwood Arizona in April. Before she committed she thought she better check with me. This was good thinking. Dakota’s season began in January and up through March there were not many conflicts in scheduling. Beginning in April though we had to make sure and check the tournaments against the Diamondbacks schedule. I have not quite got the dates and teams memorized so I had to go out to the web to verify my assumption. Sure enough there were Diamondbacks home games scheduled the same weekend. As I was looking at the schedule I noticed that there was an asterisk on Saturday April 14. Could this mean what I think it means? I clicked the asterisk and sure enough, a pop-up window appeared listing the game day promotion. I jumped from my chair and began running through the house yelling, “The Promotion Schedule is Published! The Promotion Schedule is Published!” Immediately all of my kids were hovered around the computer screen as we began to dissect the upcoming Diamondbacks season.

Each year it is the same thing. I eagerly await the arrival of my season tickets because I know I will be occupied for 83 days from the end of March through the end of September. We have two tickets meaning that one member of my family will go with me to each game. The identity of my game partner is usually closely tied to the promotional schedule. Each child has a specific giveaway that they don’t want to miss. Tiffany for example is a huge D-Bingo fan and she immediately calls the Friday games where that occurs. Dakota and Whitney are the only ones eligible for the kids giveaways so they pick up Sundays and Wednesdays. Mothers Day and our anniversary belong to Trina. Tiffany picks her birthday and Dakota takes his. Then it comes down to bobblehead days. This is usually the primary source of contention around our house. Multiple kids love the bobbing head guys which normally means that I need to buy extra tickets for those games. In the past that meant 2-3 games. This year though there are six bobblehead games spread throughout the season. By the end of the night I have printed out five copies of the Diamondbacks schedule each with a family member’s name at the top. They have gone through the schedule and put their name of those games they want to attend. It is a long and arduous task but at the end we have planned out our spring, summer, and fall. If only the other aspects of my life were as well planned as this.

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