Is It Game Time Yet?

It’s funny how we perceive time. It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting at Chase Field watching the Diamondbacks try to put together a string of victories that would lead them to become the 2006 National League wild card team. That of course didn’t happen and the Diamondbacks faded to finish third in the Western Division. The memories of the 2006 season are still fresh in my mind and it seems as though I have just been away from the stadium for a short road trip. Now if I compare that to the time it has been since pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training on February 16 and it seems like it has been years until Cactus League games will finally begin.

I find myself pacing back and forth going to the Diamondbacks web site several times each day hoping that new content and information of what is happening down in Tucson. The team is all there, contracts have all been signed for players having 3 years or less of Major League experience. The players at this point are getting tired of the monotonous drills that they go through each season. Everyone understands the importance of those drills but there are just so many times a pitcher can cover first base before it starts to grind on you. From a fan’s perspective we are going through similar impatience. While it is great to go to the practice fields and watch your favorite players shag flies or practice throws from the outfield, that can get old after just a few days. Players and fans share the same thoughts at this point of Spring Training; it’s time to start playing some games. So today as the players go through walkthroughs and loosen up for an intra-squad scrimmage they do so with the understanding that today will be the last day without competition. For the remainder of Spring Training they will be involved in games working their way towards an April 2 Opening Day. Finally baseball is back and not a moment too soon.

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