It’s Here At Last!

There were times when I thought this moment would never arrive. I’ve survived the dark and dreary off season and lived to tell about it. I feel like one of the survivors of a terrible catastrophe who is not sure why he was spared but he’s still grateful to know his destiny is to face another day. After the plague has passed over the land, those who survived began to assemble in the streets to assess the damage to their lives. I can exuberantly state that everyone in my family survived. Some of them are weak and I am not sure they could have lasted much longer but with the worst behind us we will survive. Hope springs eternal and with each day the sun shines a little brighter and a little longer. Temperatures are slowly rising eliminating the memory of a cold winter. With the arrival of pitchers and catchers to Tucson Electric Park, all seems right with the world.

It was such a struggle to go to work today knowing players were reporting to play baseball. This time of year is especially painful for me to deal with as I want to spend every waking hour living and breathing baseball. Having been without baseball for four months I need to learn to pace myself so that I don’t go into baseball overload. I continually have to remind myself that just the pitchers and catchers arrived today and that we are still six weeks away from opening day when baseball officially returns. Still, there is nothing quite like today. Some people may say that the swallows returning to Capistrano is a rite of passage that signifies the change of seasons but that is nothing compared to reporting date to Spring Training.

I eagerly watched the Internet, local television, and newspaper for any glimpses of who was reporting and how they looked. Tonight I sat in front of my laptop watching as photos flipped across my screen showing players and coaches arriving. I was also hoping to catch a glimpse of the new batting practice hats and Spring Training jerseys that the Diamondbacks would be wearing this year. One picture in particular stood out as Bob Melvin was shaking hands with Livan Hernandez. I froze the screen and called to Trina. “You see that jacket Bob Melvin is wearing? That’s what I want for my birthday!” It was the coolest looking Sedona Red thing I have seen. It was all black and across the front in Sedona Red and Sonoran Sand was written d-backs. That is cool. I spent the rest of the evening at Google trying to find an outlet for this jacket so I could add it to my birthday wish list. Man I have a lot to do over the next six weeks to prepare for the upcoming season.

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