My Own Personal Bat Phone

Today the Arizona Diamondbacks announced an enhanced phone number for fans wanting to buy season tickets, group tickets, or suite tickets. According to the press release the goal is to give Diamondbacks fans a more direct line to ticket representatives eliminating any potential delays that could occur by going through the regular ticket purchasing system. This is such a cool idea. I feel like Commissioner Gordon on the old Batman television show. I now have a direct line into the Diamondbacks that I can call for ticket stuff. I can definitely see this as a jumping off point to all kinds of things. It started my mind racing as I thought about additional features and functions that could be added to this service.

First, I think we need a Diamondbacks signal light kind of like Batman had. That way whenever the team needs the fans to be at Chase Field they can shine the signal up in the sky and we’ll know to hope in the Batmobile and race to downtown Phoenix. The only problem I can see is that there are not usually any clouds in the sky so I am not sure what they would shine the light on. Then I remembered how close Chase Field is to Sky Harbor Airport. We can just flash the Diamondbacks signal on the planes taking off and landing. If the signal doesn’t work, we can always use the Bat Phone. After reading the press release I began looking for a Sedona Red phone I can put on my desk for when I need to call the special hotline. The Bat Phone operators can not only provide ticket information but if we use our secret season ticket code word they can tell us which gates still have promotional giveaways so that the kids are never disappointed that they missed a bobble head. Since time is so critical once we get a call on the Bat Phone or when we see the Diamondbacks signal, we can have the ticket taking ushers waiting for us at the top of the section of Hungry Hill sausages so we don’t have to stop to get something to eat. That way we can immediately run down to our seats to begin cheering for the team. Man, the uses of this hotline are endless. I can hardly wait to try it out. I’ve made a note to myself. Before Opening Day I need to pick up a cape, a mask, and a really cool secret identity name. So stay tuned for an update. We’ll see you tomorrow same Bat time, same Bat channel.

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