Now That Was Scary!

It’s day two of our trip to the second happiest place on earth. Yesterday was such a beautiful day with temperatures in the mid-eighties and clear skies. That in no way prepared us for today when we awoke to temperatures in the mid-fifties and cloudy skies. When you have kids and your window overlooks Disneyland, staying in bed is never an option. Begrudgingly I crawled out of bed, jumped in a quick shower and donned my white pinstripe Diamondbacks jersey. I soon realized that would not be nearly warm or dry enough so I added my Diamondbacks sweatshirt and wind breaker. All of this purple and turquoise did not go well with my black and Sedona Red Diamondbacks hat but I have to ease into the color change just a little. So after preparing for the crisp weather we made our way over to the theme parks. The crowds reminded me of beanie baby days at Bank One Ballpark in the early days. There were people everywhere standing in line pushing and shoving to see what was ahead. It was hard for me to comprehend this many people would attend a non-baseball function.

As I expected, my attire did bring about many conversations as people asked whether I was from Arizona and was I a baseball fan. I’m not sure whether they expected me to answer no to either of these questions but I decided to just leave it alone and continue the conversation. The majority of the people I talked to wondered what my thoughts were on the Diamondbacks signing Randy Johnson and if I thought the team would be competitive in the 2007 season. I took the time to answer everyone’s questions and posed some of my own to make them think about baseball. By afternoon my family was ready to string me up since this vacation was quickly become a Diamondbacks Q and A session. I promised to minimize the baseball talk for the remainder of the day.

It was a pretty good day up until the point where we decided to ride Grizzly River Run. Yesterday when we were dying from the heat this seemed like a great ride. Now that the sun had gone down after a day of rain and cloud cover it was not looking quite so attractive. The wait was only 5 minutes which should have been our first clue that things were not quite right. We were so happy to see a short line that it clouded our better judgment. As we approached the front of the line the Cast Member began asking if there were a party of 4. Trina raised her hand and we were immediately pulled out of the crowd and placed in a waiting raft. There along with us were two very large men who each weighed the equivalent of my family combined. We were destined to get wet based merely on weight distribution. That in itself would not have been too bad but these two were also baseball fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. So I had to endure the longest 7 minutes of my life as they taunted me about how those teams would dominate the youngsters on the Diamondbacks squad. In the end it played out pretty well. One of the large guys was drenched from head to toe (as was Dakota) to the point where he couldn’t talk. It was cold enough that he began shivering and had to leave. There is something ironic about that as the younger Diamondbacks fans were able to brush off the cold and continue on while the older Giants fan limped out of the park.

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