Sedona Red Valentine

You would think that after 25 years of marriage I would learn to make a note of when Valentines Day is and get something special for Trina. But each year this holiday sneaks up on me and I find myself unprepared. From the looks of the Hallmark store I am not alone in this dilemma as it is usually packed with men frantically going through cards trying to find something that makes them sound sensitive without appearing too feminine. That is usually followed by a trip to the floral shop where you pay three times the market value for wilting buds because you forgot to order in advance. This year I vowed to be different. I was going to take it upon myself to be the loving husband who bought something from the heart that his wife would love.

As I approached this day I had given things a lot of thought. First, Valentines Day is filled with hearts so it was important to give something from the heart. Second, Valentines Day is red so I should definitely think of something red to show my love. Third, Valentines Day signifies unwavering devotion so I should give something to show how loyal my love was. And fourth, Valentines Day should not involve long lines because I hate lines. So given these parameters I developed a plan of attack. I decided on a gift and I even went the extra mile to create a handmade card to express my love for Trina. After getting everything together I carefully wrapped the present and set it on her bed so that she would see it as soon as she came in the door. She was obviously excited as I am sure she thought I had forgotten all about today being Valentines Day. She opened the card which showed a picture of Chase Field. Inside the card it said, “Home is where your heart is and my heart belongs to you (and the Diamondbacks).” It must have touched her deeply because she didn’t say anything for several moments. After several deep breaths which I think helped her to compose herself she opened her gift. I was excited to see how happy she was, tears fell down her cheeks as she looked at a new Sedona Red Diamondbacks polo shirt and a bag of peanuts for Opening Day. I got choked up just seeing how emotional this gift made her. Sometimes you just have to do the right thing. I went to bed pretty proud of myself. Trina even said this Valentines Day was different than any other one she had ever had. That’s a good thing right?

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