So What, It’s Still Football

I am not much of a football fan. Even when the NFL is in the midst of the post-season I can’t get too excited about it. It’s hard to be enthusiastic about a league whose season only lasts 17 weeks and teams are only required to play once a week and even then they need a week off. Today is the pinnacle of football as it is Super Bowl Sunday. This game has become a spectacle and a huge media type. The pre-game show starts several hours before the game and as viewers we are shown clips from eons ago that have little or no bearing on the game of the day. We are enlightened not only with a player’s life story but also the life story of friends and family members. During one segment we heard from important people in the life of one of the players playing in Super Bowl XLI who had the game dedicated to them by the player. For most of these it was a parent or special family member. I give Marvin Harrison some credit as his special person was his high school geometry teacher. I’ve never heard of anyone dedicating anything to a high school geometry teacher so that was pretty original. I decided at that point that if I am ever arrested and interviewed on television as I am led away in handcuffs I am going to dedicate that moment to my high school geometry teacher. So like countless others, I sat there on my couch waiting for the Super Bowl and more importantly the Super Bowl commercials to begin.

The Super Bowl this year was held in Miami Florida. Next year it will be held in Glendale Arizona at the new Cardinals stadium. I was curious what the ambiance was like in Miami since I have a hard time believing there is enough in Glendale to keep people occupied the days before the game. I guess time will tell. During the third or fourth hour of the pre-game show they mentioned there was a slight chance of rain forecast for Miami. That statement had to be made by the same guy who classified the pre-game show as brief. By opening kick-off it was pouring rain and did not let up until the end. I really tried to get into the game. I totally didn’t understand the on-field activities before the game with Cirque de Soleil performers. I have no clue what a boy tied to giant balloons, clowns on a teeter-totter, fake butterflies, drummers dressed like football players had to do with the game. I always thought the Olympics ceremonies were weird but I think the Super Bowl had them topped. The game itself was sloppy with neither team looking like a champion of anything. I just didn’t get how people could say this was bigger than baseball. This was nothing like baseball.

In the World Series we have bunting; the red, white, and blue fabric draped around the stadium to give it a patriotic feel. In the Super Bowl they had teal sponsor banners. In the World Series we had the National Anthem sung while the players stood at attention along the basepaths. In the Super Bowl they had Billy Joel at a piano in the pouring rain worried he would get electrocuted by his microphone. In the World Series we had the ceremonial first pitch thrown by a dignitary such as the President. In the Super Bowl they had the ceremonial coin flip done by that Nutrisystem spokesman Dan Marino. In the World Series we had the seventh inning stretch where we sang God Bless America and Take Me Out to the Ballgame. In the Super Bowl they had Prince singing about who knows what since I couldn’t understand him. In the World Series the games battled for supremacy over a 7 game series. In the Super Bowl we watched 2 teams attempt to give each other the ball 7 times since neither really seemed to want to win. In the World Series the MVP lifted the trophy proclaiming he was going to Disney World. In the Super Bowl the MVP listed the trophy and thought he was already in Disney World.

Yeah I just don’t get this football thing. The one good thing about it is that it is finally over so we can get back to the important things like pitchers and catchers reporting in 15 days.

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