The Ambassador to California

When my daughter Whitney came home and announced that their Middle School Honor Band would be performing at the Happiest Place on Earth I beamed with pride. Although she had two sisters who had taken band when they were her age, none of them had done well enough to be able to play at Chase Field. The trip had been scheduled for President’s Day weekend which is this weekend. I was puzzled by this since I knew that there were no events going on at Chase Field. At first I thought maybe she had messed up the dates and she really meant to say that their band was performing for Fan Fest which is next Saturday (February 24). No, the date was correct. Her mistake was that she inaccurately identified the Happiest Place on Earth. She somehow equated that to Disneyland but we all know that is only the second Happiest Place on Earth falling well short of the number one spot which is occupied by Chase Field. In fact if I were to rank them, I think Disneyland falls just ahead of the Metrodome in Minneapolis and Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay making it about the twenty-eighth Happiest Place on Earth. I attempted to explain her faux pas but I just could not get her to understand. So Whitney was to go to California to perform in front of Disney. Trina and the kids thought this would be a perfect time for us to support her by going over as well. What in the world are these people thinking? I mean pitchers and catchers reported yesterday. I can’t be bailing now. How will I ever find out what the batting practice hats and jerseys look like, and what if someone gets hurt in Tucson? I may not find out about it for days. That would be very bad. Despite my arguments the family insisted that a road trip was in order and not to Tucson.

This feels like a really bad Super Bowl commercial. “Jeff Summers, your team just started Spring Training! What are you going to do now?” At this point I think I am supposed to shout, “I’m going to Disneyland!” The one positive point to all of this is that I do get to continue in my unofficial role as Diamondbacks ambassador. I packed an all-Diamondbacks wardrobe consisting of three jerseys, my Diamondbacks socks, an Arizona sweatshirt, a Diamondbacks jacket, and of course my Diamondbacks hat. Traveling into the den of Dodger fans does not bring warm and fuzzy feelings to me. My only condolence is that the Angels fans probably hate the Dodgers as much as the Diamondbacks fans. I am sure they are still steaming at the fact that their team name has changed from Anaheim to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I’ve made a note to mention that to the first person I see in an Angels hat just to see what kind of reaction I will get. I take my role as team ambassador very seriously and I want to make sure that no one makes the mistake of where my fan loyalty lies. I am a diehard Diamondbacks fan who proudly wears the Purple and Turquoise. Oh wait I meant a fan who wears Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and Black. This may be more difficult to manage than in years past.

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