The Gang’s All Here

After a week of pitchers and catchers going through drills and preparing for Spring Training, the time had finally arrived for the remaining players to report to camp. Position players began arriving soon after the pitchers but today marked the first day for the full squad to be available. The first order of business today was meetings with the front office staff for everyone to get to know each other. The 2007 Diamondbacks are an interesting collection of ballplayers. It is a mixture of veterans coupled with a large contingency of very young players. This is by far different than the 2001 World Series Championship club which was a predominantly veteran club. It is even different than the dreaded 2004 club which due to injuries was forced to utilize an extremely young team with little major league experience. Diamondbacks fans have been hearing for quite some time of how talented the minor league system is and how the team should be a dominant force in the National League Western Division. With the 2007 team it is time to prove out that theory.

So today marks the first day of the 2007 journey; one that is filled with a lot of hopes and dreams and one that still holds a lot of questions. Gone are the familiar faces of the past such as Luis Gonzalez and Craig Counsell. Returning are other faces from the past such as Randy Johnson. It will be interesting to see how adaptable this team will be. With the core of their roster still a few years away from their prime, we should not expect too much from these young players. Many of them have not had a full year of major league experience and have not had an opportunity to experience what the big leagues have in store. There will be times of adjustment as pitchers test the young Diamondbacks hitters and try to uncover holes. This will necessitate that the hitters must make adjustments to find success. The lack of experience could equate to inconsistency on the field and will place more pressure on the Diamondbacks coaching staff to ensure these young players are ready for each game. The 2007 Diamondbacks have a lot to prove. A lot of expectations have been placed on them by the media and the fans and it will be interesting to see how they react as the season progresses. So today marks the first day of a long journey that is the 2007 season. Expectations and hopes will never be greater than they are today. For now we’ll sit back and bask in the sunshine and dream of the return to the post season for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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