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The Last Day of Spring

Today was historical for a couple of reasons. First it is the final day of 2007 Spring Training for the Arizona Diamondbacks. They would face the San Diego Padres for third time in three days. This game would be played in the friendly confines of Chase Field in an afternoon contest. The second and perhaps more important reason is that today marks the tenth anniversary of the first regular season game against the Colorado Rockies on March 31,...

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My Purple Experience

I have extensively chronicled my love/hate relationship with the Diamondbacks Sedona Red color change. I’ve vowed to give the new colors a chance and I have even purchased all 4 Authentic Diamondbacks jerseys for the upcoming season. Last night was the first Spring Training game held in Chase Field this year and of course I attended. I got off from work and rushed home to get dressed so that I could be down at the field by the time the...

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Coming Home and Making History

It has been an eternity since I was last at a game at Chase Field. Eternity in this context is equal to 179 days 1 hour 16 minutes. Today marked an end to the dark and dreary off-season as the Diamondbacks held one of their annual Spring Training games at home. Each year the Diamondbacks play two games at Chase Field after camp has broken at Tucson but before the opening of the regular season. In years past we have seen the New York Yankees,...

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Heading Up the I-10

It’s funny how time works. If you sit at your desk and stare at the hands of an analog clock you can barely see them move yet after 30 minutes the hands are in very different positions. With a digital clock you can get the same type of experience but it just does not seem dramatic. I tried to explain that to Trina but all she did was complain that she had asked me to take out the garbage a half an hour ago and here I was sitting at my...

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Welcome to the Team

When outfielder Scott Hairston arrived in the clubhouse at Tucson Electric Park this morning he was summoned to manager Bob Melvin’s office. This was an all too familiar trek for Hairston as he had made that same walk each of the three previous years during this week only to be told that he would not be making the trip with the Diamondbacks to Phoenix and he would be sent to the minors to work on some aspect of his game. That news would...

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Sew What’s Up?

On March 31, 1998 the Arizona Diamondbacks welcomed their fans to the first Opening Day of Major League Baseball in Arizona. There was a sell out crowd who had tickets to that historic game and there were countless others without tickets who came down to Bank One Ballpark to soak in the atmosphere of that first game. Trina and I had season tickets to the 1998 Diamondbacks and we were downtown early so that we didn’t miss a moment of the...

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On the Reservation

It has been almost two weeks since my tickets arrived for Opening Day in Colorado against the Rockies. Trina was still not budging on her stance that I could not take the kids out of school to take them to a Diamondbacks game in Colorado when the team would be back in Phoenix just a week later. Fortunately for me my friend Mitch Jarvis was more than willing to drop everything he was doing and make the road trip to see the first regular season...

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What Are Our Chances?

Spring Training will soon be over and then the games start to count for real. While the Diamondbacks have had a successful spring, you still have to wonder how much of this success will carry forward into the regular season. At the same time you have to wonder how many of the struggles that the Rockies, Padres, and Giants are facing are indications of the type of year that those teams will have. In the case of the Diamondbacks it is easy to...

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Let’s All Go to the Team Shop

After yesterday and the arrival of my personalized Sedona Red jersey and my Saturday home alternate Black jersey with the red “A” logo I was just about set for the season to begin. I had just one thing left to get before Opening Day, a personalized authentic road gray jersey. I would then have all four new jerseys and even though two of them still needed personalization I could live with that. This of course meant just one thing; it...

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