Since taking over from Rich Dozer in October 2006, Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall has made an effort to connect with the fans. He has a very open communications style and is willing to listen to comments and suggestions from Diamondbacks fans. I’m sure there are times that he receives too much feedback as fans give him countless suggestions. To his credit though he accepts each comment and makes the fans feel as though they are an important part of the team. One of the communication tools that Mr. Hall uses is the monthly on-line chat forum at the Diamondbacks web site. I always make a point to attend these chats. Some of it is to voice my suggestions and some of it is to try and put my finger on the pulse of the fans. At the end of the chat I try to assess the information provided and see how it may impact the Arizona Diamondbacks and its fan base. Sometimes I come away from these chats with a brief glimpse of what life is like from within the organization. And there are sometimes like this month when I come away with a nugget of information that I may not have otherwise uncovered.

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