It has been a very busy off-season for the Diamondbacks and their fans. By busy I am not talking about just player movement. In fact on that front it was relatively quiet compared to years past. Other than the improvement to the starting rotation through trades for Doug Davis and Randy Johnson, there was not much happening to the roster. This can be attributed to the fact that the young nucleus of players that the Diamondbacks will be relying upon are all under team control for the next several years. No, the changes causing this to be busy are mostly focused upon the changes to the Diamondbacks logos and color scheme that was introduced November 8 at the Valley Ho resort. I’ve documented my thoughts on the elimination of Purple and Teal on many occasions so I will just let it go. That change though had a large impact on my time and my closet and continues to be a driving factor in my life to this day. Besides this blog, I also have a relatively large Diamondbacks based web site Now Hitting that has been in existence since 1999 and chronicles the Arizona Diamondbacks. The graphical elements and content were all based on the team’s color scheme of Purple and Teal. That though needs to change and hence why every waking hour and some sleeping hours have been consumed this off season.

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