I always look forward to the date that Major League Baseball announces the upcoming season schedule. Like every fan you want your local team to open the season at home and end the season at home just because it means that no other baseball will happen before or after you get to watch your team. For the 2007 season neither of these events occurs for the Diamondbacks. They open the season on the road against the Colorado Rockies on April 2 and they close the season on the road against the Colorado Rockies. It’s bad enough that the Rockies fans get to see the new uniforms before the Diamondbacks fans but they also get to see our team a week after they have left the friendly confines of Chase Field. This was almost too much for me to deal with. I decided that I had to do something about it. First I thought about writing to the commissioner of baseball Bud Selig and ask him to please change the schedule but I quickly realized that probably was not going to be a realistic request. Besides it would have implications outside of Colorado and Arizona and that didn’t seem quite fair. I began to wonder, if I couldn’t get the commissioner to change the schedule what alternatives did I have at my disposal? The most realistic alternative I could think of was that I needed to travel to Colorado the first week of April. Thinking about last summer and what happened when I suggested that we make a slight side trip to Tampa Bay Florida for our 25th wedding anniversary to see the Diamondbacks play the Devil Rays; I wasn’t sure how realistic the alternative was for me to go to Colorado. I decided to take a chance though and make a proposal to Trina.

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