After yesterday and the arrival of my personalized Sedona Red jersey and my Saturday home alternate Black jersey with the red “A” logo I was just about set for the season to begin. I had just one thing left to get before Opening Day, a personalized authentic road gray jersey. I would then have all four new jerseys and even though two of them still needed personalization I could live with that. This of course meant just one thing; it was time for a road trip down to Chase Field and to the team shop. This would not be the first time I had been down to the team shop this off-season. Quite the contrary, I had probably been down there 6 times or roughly once a month since the season ended. The more accurate question would be, how many times have I been to the team shop this off-season when they were actually open? That six quickly becomes once. It seems like every time I make the trek downtown I am greeted by closed and locked doors when I attempt to enter. I am beginning to take it quite personally thinking maybe with the new color scheme the team doesn’t want me near the place. After getting over my initial paranoia I chalked the experiences up to just bad timing. Who could have anticipated that the day I went down to the team shop would be the day they were closed to replace the purple and teal cabinetry for Sedona Red? Or who could have known that there would be a massive accident on the freeway causing me to make it to the stadium just minutes past closing time on a Saturday? Well, I was not taking any chances today. I went to the office very early so that I could leave mid-afternoon to pick Trina up from school and go directly to the team shop. I had mapped out 4 alternative routes to the ballpark and at the first sign of traffic I would switch paths to make sure I would get there on time.

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